Personal responsibilities at work

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It’s all very well wearing protective equipment at work but you need to make sure you act responsibly within the workplace. This is a legal requirement.

You need to make sure any personal protective equipment provided is worn and stored correctly at all times. Any damages or problems need to be reported to your manager immediately. You must maintain a good level of personal hygiene and follow any workplace policies and practices laid out by the company. 

You need to keep work areas clean, not just food areas but also the floor, entries and exits and make sure you avoid touching your hair, nose, mouth while preparing food.  

Scratching your head could cause hair to fall in the food, also you must avoid coughing and sneezing over food, as this is an easy way to transfer bacteria and spread infection.

Most companies will allow you to wear a straightforward wedding band but will generally prohibit the wearing of other jewellery especially those that have jewels on them, watches are also not allowed or the use of nail varnish as it can potentially chip and contaminate the food, nails should also be kept short so there’s no chance of them breaking and entering the food.

If you notice any other problems such as damaged packaging, discolouration within the packaging or rust on tins you must report this to your manager immediately. It's important to make sure that every item of food produced is done so cleanly, we don’t want to introduce any problems that could affect this.

All workplaces are different, make sure you understand the policies and procedures for where you work and if you have any questions, ask your manager.