Restaurant Workers

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If you are working in a restaurant, bar or any food environment, it is not just your employer who has to comply with food safety regulations, you also need to comply. You will need to make sure your personal hygiene is perfect.

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, make sure you use proper detergent, and also make sure that your clothes are clean.

Make sure that all areas are free from rubbish, make sure rubbish is thrown away in the correct containers and that they are not overfilled. Also, ensure they are emptied regularly. 

Make sure glasses and cups are all tidied away so there is no risk of anything falling over and causing harm. Make sure any pieces of rubbish that might be able to get into food or drinks are also cleaned away. Make sure all coffee-making equipment, beer dispensers, and drip trays are also cleaned thoroughly.

When you are using dishwashers to wash glasses and cups, make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendations. They usually have a wash cycle of 60 degrees and a rinse cycle of 82 to 88 degrees. This will kill any bacteria. Make sure you use the correct chemicals in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

When working in a bar environment, make sure everything is kept tidy. You want to make sure there are no bottles lying around and no glasses that have fallen over. If there is any broken glass, make sure it has been swept up correctly and disposed of so that no one else is going to cut themselves on it, or worse still it finds its way into food.

If you are not sure about how to complete any task, ask your manager directly.