Diet and Nutrition Online Course Live

We have added an online course in Diet and Nutrition.  The course aims are to promote awareness of the importance of diet and nutrition and to promote awareness of how to provide a balanced and nutritional diet. By the end of this session, candidates will be able to identify the changing needs of people, be aware of the legislative requirements and obligations, understand our body's nutritional needs, understand what is needed to achieve a balanced diet, have a basic awareness of how to store and prepare food, how to identify and respond to individual needs, and be aware of the importance of food presentation.

Diet and Nutrition is a trainer led course that is delivered with a guided learning hours of 4 hours and available nationally through our approved instructors.

We also have a online and classroom Food Hygiene course if required or to be in addition to this course. This course covers the nutritional and diet side while the food hygiene covers keeping the food safe from storage to table.

Visit the Diet and Nutrition course here.

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