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When washing your hands, it is important to make sure you do this effectively and properly. Now, there are lots of guidance within how to hand wash and charts are available and often they are put into posters near wherever you are going to be washing your hands. What they do is they very clearly show exactly all of the stages that you need to properly clean your hands. We are now going to work through the correct process of actually ensuring that you have cleaned your hands correctly. It may well be you are washing your hands before you do a medical procedure or cleaning your hands for any other reason, or if you come into contact with anything that could possibly be infectious or dirty, how to then clean your hands afterwards.

The first thing we need to look at is jewellery. If wearing a watch, you may need to remove the actual watch and wash this separately if there is blood on the watch then you can pop that into the sink and wash that while you are doing the hand washing. Now with rings, if a ring can be removed then remove it and again make sure you clean it. If it's a ring that would not physically come off, like some of the band wedding rings, you may well just find when you are washing it you need to then move to make sure you can clean underneath it. If the ring would not come off, then obviously you need to work around it. But often with other rings, you can remove them.

The first thing we need to do is wet our hands. You need to try not to put your dirty hands on the tap that someone else is then going to come up to and maybe get the infection up from the material that is on your hands. So assuming here your arms are quite clean, you can just put your arm underneath and turn the tap on and you can move it from left to right to change the actual temperature of the water, depending on how much you want to come through. To start with we need to wet the hands, making sure there is plenty of water on them.

What we then need to do is apply some soap. Now what we got here is anti-bacterial soap, this would come in different types of dispensers, some of them are automatic, you literally just put your hand underneath, but with this type of one here, again, we can just squeeze it down. Now we want to put enough soap on, so we can completely cover our hands. So the first stages are, we are rubbing our hands together to ensure that we completely cover the whole of the palms of the hands. Once we have done that, we are then going to go between the fingers, so we are just rubbing between. You can rub this way, also backwards, just making sure that the whole time you're rubbing all around the fingers themselves.

Once we have done that we need to make sure we have cleaned the nails and the fingertips. So for this, you can just rub your hand firmly into the palm of the other hand and again on the other side. And also pushing your hands around in this action is making sure as much of the surface area of your hands is being covered as you can. Next is the thumbs, for this, wrap the hand around the thumb and twist and again on the other hand and again making sure that all the fingertips are done. We mentioned rings earlier, here you may want to move the ring just make absolutely sure there is nothing around it, there is no dirt. Push it back, push it up and down a few times to make sure it is nice and clean underneath and soaps got all in there. The final bit is the wrist. So we are running around the wrists themselves.

Once you are sure that all of your hands is completely cleaned, all you need to do is then to rinse off the soap. So, again, using your elbow, turn the tap on. Pop your hands under the tap and we need to rinse thoroughly using the same technique as we have used already to put the soap on, so making sure that all the soap has been removed from underneath rings, you have covered your fingertips, around your thumbs, all-around your hands and between the fingers.

We then want to ensure that the taps are turned off, again pushing down with your elbow, you need to shake off the worst of the water. So then to dry our hands, we are using single-use towels, so pull the towel down from the dispenser. We can then make sure we dry our hands-off. Once you have used the towel pop it in the bin and then use as many towels as you need to make sure that all the water is off and make sure you have cleaned, again, underneath the rings, just to make sure that is all fully dry. And again then dispose of the towel in the bin correctly.

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