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Chemicals and Foreign Objects

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Chemicals cause less than 1% of food poisoning incidents in the UK. These chemicals can be accidentally added to food by wiping down the preparation surface with cleaning agents and then preparing food on top or by washing chopping board and then leaving the chemical or detergent on the board.

Some chemicals can enter the food by the use of drugs in the animal or vegetable production. Washing of vegetables should help them being contaminated and the correct management of drugs in animal production should prevent them from entering the food chain.

Where chemicals enter the food, this may also cause serious allergic reactions in some individuals.  Other problems could be where a foreign object enters the food, such as a nail, jewellery, hair or a piece of metal that’s come off a machine during production.

With foreign objects entering the food, we also have the risk of choking, for example, a lump of metal has contaminated the food, this could cause choking or cutting the inside of the mouth and body.

Foreign objects can be prevented from entering the food by good management and checks in food production like x-ray, metal detection systems, filtration and visual inspection.

Good housekeeping and personal hygiene practice will also help prevent foreign objects from entering the body along with the correct use of personal protective equipment.