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First aid kits for food preparation

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First Aid Kits and Plasters in Kitchen Environments

Overview of First Aid Regulations in Kitchens

First Aid at Work Regulations apply in kitchen environments with specific considerations for first aid kits.

Types of First Aid Kits

Distinctive blue-coloured first aid kits are used in kitchens:

  • Dressings: Blue-coloured to stand out against food, ensuring visibility.
  • Plaster Box: Contains a variety of shapes and sizes, often with metal foil for detection.

Types of Plasters

Plasters in kitchen first aid kits cater to various wound sizes:

  • Large cuts
  • Finger-end plasters with wrap-around tails
  • Various shapes for different wound types

Using Plasters in Kitchen Environments

Proper usage and handling of plasters in kitchens:

  • Isolate areas contaminated with blood immediately.
  • Dispose of contaminated food properly and clean affected surfaces.
  • Consider stopping production temporarily to manage contamination risks.

Additional Considerations

Discuss workplace rules with your employer regarding:

  • Handling cuts and piercings.
  • Adherence to health and safety regulations.