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Natural Plant Foods and Allergies

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Preventing Food Poisoning from Natural Foods - Safety Tips

Natural Foods and Poisoning Risks

Poisoning can occur from natural foods like rhubarb leaves or toxins in potato tops:

  • Prevention: Ensure correct cutting and washing of ingredients before use.
  • Identification: Proper preparation prevents mistaken identity with dangerous look-alikes, especially in mushrooms or fungi.
  • Buy from Trusted Sources: Purchase these foods commercially from trusted suppliers to avoid contamination.

Allergies and Food Safety

Some natural foods pose allergy risks:

  • Common Allergens: Eggs, nuts, and other foods can trigger severe allergic reactions.
  • Labeling Requirements: It is mandatory to label food with allergy warnings under current food labelling laws.
  • Customer Awareness: Know the ingredients in your food to inform customers with allergies.

Ensure all food is sourced from reputable suppliers for safety and quality.