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Poisoning can also occur from natural food like a Rhubarb leaf or toxins from potato tops. This can be prevented by correct cutting and washing of foods before they enter the food you are preparing.

There are many foods that are natural and can be eaten but you need to prepare them correctly or they may be easily mistaken for the wrong food. This can happen when collecting mushrooms and fungi. You may think you have one type, but in fact, you have something that is dangerous to eat. To avoid this, only buy these types of foods commercially through people that you can trust are supplying the correct item that has not been contaminated. 

There can be problems with natural foods that are edible but if eaten by some people may cause an allergic reaction that can be fatal. This could be foods that contain eggs or nuts to name a few. Make sure that you know exactly what is in any food that you produce, so you can warn customers if they have an allergy.

Placing warnings of possible allergy risks is now required under the latest food labelling laws whether you are selling a pre-prepared food serving it up in a restaurant.

It is important to know what is in the food you produce and that all food is from a reputable source.